Cobbies Inn  2019
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Starters/Nibbles Olives - £2.50 Selection of mixed olives in a heby oil dressing V Spicy Hummus - £4.25 Fresh home-made hummus dip, drizzled with chilli oil & served with warm pitta bread Doughballs - £4.25 Warm dough balls, with garlic butter or balsamic oil Tomato & pepper soup - £3.25 Roasted tomato, red pepper & garlic soup served with crusty bread and butter  Sticky Chicken Goujons - £4.25 Battered goujons of fresh Chicken Breast, finished in a sticky chilli or BBQ sauce Haggis & Black Pudding Fritters - £4.25 Breaded Haggis & Black Pudding, served with fresh salad leaves and a chilli dip King Prawns - £4.75 Fresh Breaded King prawns, served with a spiced mayo dipping sauce. Calamari - £4.75 Flash fried salt & pepper calamari Whitebait - £4.75 Seasoned whitebait with lemon Mayo Smoked cheese fritters - £4.25 Breaded chunks of smoked cheese, with spicy salsa Crab, prawn & smoked salmon roulade - £4.75 Crab meat & prawn salad wrapped in fresh Scottish smoked salmon Roasters, bread & stock pot dip - £4.25 Crispy roast potatoes, with dipping gravy & crusty bead Warm mushroom & tarragon pate - £4.25 Finely chopped mushrooms, spring onion & tarragon, warm crusty bread & onion chutney Mains Steak Pie - £9.25 Slow cooked tender steak chunks in a rich gravy, topped with crispy puff pastry Chicken Maryland - £8.95 Succulent Chicken breast coated in a crispy crumb,banana & pineapple fritter, Cumberland sausage & smoked bacon Roast beef & black pudding Stovies - £9.75 Oven baked, slow cooked shredded roast beef chunks of black pudding & potatoes , sautéed onions in a rich gravy topped with crispy onion rings Sauage Lasagne - £8.95 Chunks of Cumberland,,chorizo & pepperoni in a sweet tomato sauce, layered between pasta sheets and a bechemal sauce Salt & Pepper chicken - £8.95 Crispy chicken breast & stir-fry vegetables, finished in our own salt & pepper rub, served with rice, prawn crackers & sweet n sour sauce Lamb steaks - £9.25 Char-grilled cumin & garlic lamb steak, with sweet potato mash & seasonal vegetables From the Grill Rack of Ribs - £10.95 Slow cooked full rack of ribs basted in a sweet BBQ sauce, with coleslaw & corn on the cob Butterfly Chicken Breast Tender chicken breast Cumberland Sausages Juicy Cumberland sausages with sautéed onions,creamy mash & gravy Gammon steak 8oz Char-grilled gammon steak, fried egg or pineapple, beans mushrooms & tomatoes Steak Sanny Thinly sliced succulent steak,  stacked up between warm cibatta bread with fried onions & melted cheese Big breakfast burger Haggis, black pudding, sausage & smoked bacon, combined with our home-made steak burger topped with a fried egg Moroccan chicken burger Char-grilled Moroccan marinated chicken breast, served between warm flat-bread with mango mayo, lettuce & onions Chilli nacho burger Chilli & jalapeño burger topped with sweet chilli, sour cream guacamole & crushed nachos Chicken Burger Succulent butterfly chicken breast,salad leaves Tomato & onion Double steak burger Home made steak burgers, lettuce, onion & cheese

Main Menu

Fish Haddock & Chips £8.95 Fresh Breaded or Battered Haddock fillet with mushy peas Scampi & Chips £8.95 Fresh Scampi pieces in crispy breadcrumb Salmon Fillet £9.25 Poached Fresh Salmon Fillet, with crispy herby topping, & hollandaise sauce Fish cake of the week (Ask your server for details) Sea-bass £9.25 Pan fried sea-bass fillet,crushed potatoes & Finely chopped med veg dressing Char-grilled langoustines £10.25 Char-grilled langoustines drizzled with mojo sauce Whisky, smoked cod mussels £9.95 Poached smoked cod fillet sat upon a creamy whisky mussel broth Clams & mussels £9.95 Clams & mussels in a leek, apple & cider sauce Fish finger sannny Lemon & pepper batter haddock goujons, lemon Mayo Vegetarian V Aubergine & lentil Dahl Mildly spiced aubergine & lentils in a rogan josh sauce, with spinach & carrot rice Mac & Cheese ( take your pick) Oven baked pasta in a creamy cheese sauce (options) Topped with Pesto, mozzarella & sun-dried tomatoes Sautéed mushrooms & Truffle oil Cajun Jalapeño & nachos Blackbean & vegetable cottage pie Winter vegetables with black-beans,topped with a creamy cumin mash potato Mushroom & leek Wellington Portobello Mushroom, red onion & leek encased in crispy puff pastry, mushroom & garlic sauce Tomato & med veg gnochi Gnochi smothered in Chunks of med vegetables in sweet tomato sauce Halloumi Burger Char-grilled Halloumi cheese, Sat upon a crispy breaded mushroom topped with onion cucumber avocado, drizzled with minted yoghurt Desserts All 4.25 Sticky Toffee Pudding Warm Chocolate Fudge cake Orkney Fudge cheese cake Profiterole sundae Banana split sundae Chocolate orange bread & butter pudding Selection of ice-cream
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